RIP 2009​-​2016

by Dead Harts



The last tracks ever released by Dead Harts.


released September 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Dead Harts Sheffield, UK

Dead Harts were founded in late 2009 and hail from Sheffield in the North of England. Influenced by the likes of The Chariot, Norma Jean and Gwen Stacy; Harts deliver songs with an unrivaled raw passion and live energy.

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Track Name: Tired of Living
We all live in this hell day by day
And one by one you take my friends away from me
I wish I could say I was clean but I'm too far gone
I can only circle the flames for so long

Miserable tortured life
And it's constant appetite to drag me under
Harmonising with the creature
So tired of gods and preachers
I'll never believe it

Miserable tortured life
And it's constant appetite to drag me under
I'm a broken man made with my own to hands
That feeds the appetite that keeps me under

Wasting my life just being this man
Something that I fucking know you won't understand
But I don't care
All I want is to get out this shitty job
While I can and while I'm young
Track Name: Feight
The irony in this industry today is that we're all fucked
But we won't give up this labour of love
With no escape til the bitter end
But I've gotta say I'll love it when the lights go out permanently
Nothing in this world is free
We all die lonely

This is my path and I chose it
Still spitting in the face of my critics
I refuse to be like you
You're fucking pathetic
The lengths you will go to never admitting you're wrong
So keep holding on
To the threads of your life
Don't forget where you came from
So keep holding on
To your miserable existence
You're the only ones buying your way through the industry
Something that you know all about
That's the problem in this world
You make an honest man doubt
Sucking out the souls of the weak through their pockets
That's so fucked up and you bastards know it

No, no you won't take the fire that burns away inside of me
Until there's nothing left to feed upon
With no escape to the bitter end